Requirements and Acceptance Test Scenarios

As an example here, the requirement is: As a user, I want to the system have strong password policy. 1

BA has defined that a valid password is that a password must be from 6 to 12 characters long and include at least one letter, at least one digit, and at least one punctuation character. Tester is going to create acceptance test scenarios using data driven technique.

Author Acceptance Test Scenarios In Excel
  • Create the scenarios and steps.
  • In case of data driven testing, create the test data tables on different worksheets. Then create named ranges for test data tables.
  • The scenarios refer to data table using [sheet name.table name] . The steps refer data in data table using <column name> .

author tests in excel

The screenshot above demonstrates:
  • Two scenarios, that refer to test data table "good_list" and "bad_list" on sheet "passwords" .
  • On sheet "passwords", A1:B2 is the good_list, A5:B16 is the bad_list.

A couple caveats:
  • Excel named range cannot have space in name. You cannot use "good password list". You may add an underscore to it as "good_password_list".
  • Excel named ranges' names are unique across all sheets. You cannot have a sheet "good passwords" with a named range "password_list" and another sheet "bad passwords" with a named range "password_list". You have to have a sheet 'good passwords' with a named range "good__list" and another sheet "bad passwords" with a named range "bad_list".

The spreadsheet can now pass to the developer to create test library. The library needs to be loaded into Excel before run the tests.


Execute Tests

execute tests in excel

Analyze Test Results

The testing results are recorded in a new sheet, where you can create pivot table against results as the analysis of each test run.

analyze test results

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