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Project Description
Acceptance Test Excel Addin is a tool to author, execute and analyze acceptance tests in Excel. The tester write tests using Given-When-Then (Gherkin language). Developer implements the test steps in C# classes using attributes. It makes BDD fun for testsers and developers.

Many projects teams have started to adopt the Behavior Driven Development (BDD) technique, where the Given-When-Then style, also known as the Gherkin language is widely used. Gherkin is a business readable domain specific language. It is nearly natural language. Gherkin lets business analysts write user stories to describe software’s behavior without detailing how that behavior is implemented. The specifications are readable and understandable by a normal person. Business people can provide feedback and comments directly on the specifications. Because of this, the specifications contain acceptance criteria from business. This lets testers use the specifications to conduct acceptance testing.

There are many tools that developers can use to generate code from the specifications, such as Cucumber, Cuke4Nukes, Cuke4Duke and SpecFlow. When it comes to the testing, there are also tools that testers can use to automate the acceptance tests, such as FitNesse and Robot framework.

Unlike many existing tools and frameworks, we created a very light weight tool that works like an integrated environment for testers using Excel. We choose Excel, because it is the best tool to edit and manage acceptance testing scenarios and testing data.

Author Acceptance Tests in Excel


The scenarios are written, organized and formatted in spreadsheet, which is much better than plain text files. It supports data driven testing. The testing data are managed using Excel name ranges and tables, so that you can filter and sort the data.

Execute Tests in Excel


The acceptance tests are executed with in Excel with a couple clicks on the ribbon tool bar. It gives instant feedback on executing status by highlight the testing scenarios and testing data accordingly.

Analyze Test Results in Excel


The testing results are recorded in a new sheet, where you can create pivot table against results as the analysis of each test run.

How to Use

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